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Tours in Barcelona
Barcelona reveals the enigma!

"1492: Barcelona and Christopher Columbus"
(Walking guided tour)

"The Columbus enigma"
Literary tour based on the novel by M. Carmen Roca

(Walking guided tour)

Tours in Pals (Costa Brava)
Pals, the gate of America!

Christopher Columbus and the town of Pals: The untold story of the discovery of America!
(Walking guided tour)

Christopher Columbus and the Port of Pals: The way to discover America!
(Ruta guiada a peu)

Columbus gastronomic and cultural tour in Pals and Palau-Sator!
(Walking guided tour)

Columbus and the village of Pals: Route "discovery of America"
In rural e-bike!

(Guided route in "burricleta")

Other thematic tours
More stories to discover!

"The Catalans Count-Kings"
(Walking guided tours)

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